Sunday, October 11, 2009

Neenah Paper, Ripon, CA Paper Machine Table to Reel
Global Stock No. 921882.004
Used 122" (3100 mm) trim line shaft driven fourdrinier paper machine last producing 35,000 TPY (Approximately 100+ TPD) of 40 - 200 lb/3000 sq. ft. (65 to 325 gsm) of printing and writing paper, text and cover paper, luxury bag paper, and other specialty papers at up to 1180 FPM (360 MPM). Major components consist of the following:
•Sulzer Escher Wyss Step-Diffuser hydraulic headbox and PE system . Installed 1990
•Beloit 138" wide x 113' long (3500 MM x 34.4 M) stainless steel roll-out style fourdrinier table with breast roll, showers, wire roll tensioner, wire roll guides, table shake mechanism, 4-foil forming board, suction boxes and Metso suction couch roll with 125 HP drive.
•1st press section manufactured by Beloit, rated 150 PLI.
•2nd press section manufactured by Beloit, rated 250 PLI
•3rd smoothing press rated for 350 PLI.
•(44) 48" diameter x 138" (1220 MM x 3505 MM) face Beloit dryer cans rated 75 PSI @ 450 deg. F
•2-roll, 136" (3454 MM) wide breaker stack
•Beloit 2-roll horizontal size press
•Impact Series 2, Infra-Pac Infrared dryer.
•Kusters 3-roll hi-pressure calender stack rated for 1000 PLI with top and bottom S-rolls and thermal middle roll. Includes spare queen and swim rolls.
•Web turn up system.
•Escher Wyss reel with a 36" diameter x 138" (914 MM x 3505 MM) wide drum face capable of handling up to a 15,000 pounds (6800 KG). Mfg. in 1991.
•Valmet model KL200 2-drum 72 OD shaftless slitter rewinder capable of running up to 6500 FPM
•With complete approach flow, stock preparation, color and dye delivery system, vacuum system, pumps, valves, piping, and instrumentation.
Machine produced Writing & Printing, Text & Cover, Luxury bag papers, other Specialty papers.
Machine is line-shaft driven, right hand looking from the headbox toward the dry end and is in good operating condition, having become available due to a complete mill shutdown.

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