Sunday, October 11, 2009

CJ-200/6, CJ-190/6, CJ-210/6 Facial Tissue Making Machines : The machine adopts advanced technology of PLC computer programming, variable frequency speed regulating, automatic counting and dividing device, and with HMI operation interface, the datas had input to the controlling system and can be displayed. And the machine has the features of high degree automation, reliable and stable operation. The working principle of the machine is folding the raw paper into gemel shape and rectangle tissue by vertically and horizontally slitting roller after embossing and edge-embossing. The machine has the advantages of simple control, high production efficiency, and can load raw paper with 2 shafts or 4 shafts, slitting, edge removing, and folding can be finished at the same time, so the production procedure can be reduced and the production cost can be saved greatly.

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